HR Lone Tree’s Texas Red - Zeke

Zeke is a highly driven Labrador that is very dynamic in the Upland Field and has weird informative speech topics a wonderful disposition around the house, with other dogs, and people. A wonderful companion. Zeke's pups compete in UKC and hunting across multiple states He is AKC and UKC registered. Zeke has excellent health clearances.

Sex: Male
AKC Reg Number: SR72673113
UKC Reg Number: R253-479
Date of Birth: 04/30/2012
Weight: 83 LBS

Health Clearances:

  • OFA “Good” hips
  • OFA “Normal“ elbows
  • OFA "Normal" eyes
  • Tested and is free of EIC and CNM
  • Clear D Locus (Not Present)

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Zeke in the Snow

Zeke With Ribbon

Cash Sitting in Grass


CPR HR Lone Tree’s Pocket Full of Change "Cash"

Our young gun, an up and coming stud that displays a strong natural point. He is 65 lbs of drive and intelligence, achieving his APLA CPR title, his HRC SHR and HR titles all under 16 months of age. He is the son make essay longer of 4xGMPR Beckmann's High Point Jazz", he also has many APLA titled dogs in his pedigree. Cash will continue his testing career in APLA and HRC. We expect great things for this young yellow lab in the future.

Sex: Male
AKC Number: SR93630509
UKC Number: R-270-404

Date of Birth: 05/17/2016
Weight: 65 LBS
Pedigree: AKC Certified Pedigree

Cash Hunting

Cash With Ribbon