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We are dedicated to producing exceptional pointing labrador retrievers

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Rhenee and I spend a lot of time and effort in working with and caring for our dogs. Our dogs are working companions and they’re training or hunting with us almost every day of the year. This bond gives us direct insight into their drive, physical abilities and disposition. This in turn allows us to understand the traits of a Labrador that will produce a puppy that will have the desire to work hard and passionately in the hunting arena as well as have the disposition to relax in the house and be a wonderful family pet.

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Outstanding Hunting Dogs

We take a lot of pride in our hunting dogs and along with that helping to educate and provide quality Labrador Retrievers. If you are looking for a new puppy or to train your companion please reach out to us we are more than glad to help!

Our Dogs

Needless to say, we are very particular about the homes we place our pups in, so we will have many questions if you decide you are interested in owning one of our pups…

Labrador Litters

Pups are examined by our vet at 2-3 days old when their dewclaws are removed, when they have their first round of puppy vaccinations and before being sent to their new homes…

Dog Training

Our heated and air-conditioned kennel for dogs in training and for our dogs has individual outdoor access and all kennels have Kurunda beds…

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